Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about tube stomach surgery

65-80% weight loss can be achieved within 1 year in patients who eat healthy and do regular exercises after surgery.

We recommend resting at home for an average of 10 days after surgery. You can start your desk work in about 10 days. You can start after 2-3 weeks in jobs that require physical activity.

You can continue to use any kind of medicine after 1 month of surgery. However, it is recommended that you use painkillers carefully. Do not use asprin, apranax type drugs as much as possible. It is recommended to consume with stomach medicine and plenty of water.

In fact, we recommend that you quit while you have the opportunity, and those who cannot quit smoking for the first postoperative month and drinking alcohol for the first six months.

Sagging of the skin is seen especially in women due to its rapid weight gain. If you do regular and body shaping sports during your weight loss process, you will minimize sagging problem on your skin.