Tube Stomach Surgery

Tube Stomach Surgery

It decreases the stomach capacity by 75-80% on the vertical axis and provides saturation despite very little food consumption in the postoperative period and decreases the levels of the hormone Ghrelin which causes a feeling of hunger by 85-90% with surgery and provides a balanced and satisfactory weight loss.

The tube is known as gastric surgery because the stomach looks like a tube after surgery. Postoperative life-long vitamins and minerals are not required, endoscopy chance is not lost, the ideal chance of descending to the ideal weight is extremely high.

Am I available for tube stomach surgery?

The most active ingredient for this surgery is that the body mass index is 35 or above. You should not have any heart and respiratory problems.

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A mini check-up is made for the suitability of the surgical candidates. Bariatric dietitian control is performed before surgery. Blood values (hemogram), pulmonary function test, etc. procedures are applied and the operation is decided based on the results.

Procedure of the latest technology; laparoscopic surgery

The method called laparoscopic surgery, which has become widespread in recent years, is performed with robotic arms by drilling 5 holes with a size of 0.5 - 1 cm in the abdominal region.

Thanks to this method, all risks are minimized. Another benefit of this method is to accelerate the healing process, shorten the discharge time and return to normal life after a short time.

Our team has 10+ years of experience in this method.

The Change begins

Our team is with you as you enter a new path. All your dietary plans are provided to you by the bariatric dietitian. At certain times, you can make an appointment with the dietician and come to check and analyze your situation.

Your doctor will inform you about the use of medication. Weight loss starts in the first months after surgery and you take your first step into your new life.

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